How to Influence others


There are three areas you can focus on to influence others. These are:

  • The environment. Robert Cialdini and his book Influence: The psychology of persuasion is the gold standard here. The techniques work but can feel a little like manipulation. They can also be hard to create in the real world.
  • Relationships. The greatest author in this are in my opinion is Robert Greene. His books The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction illustrate how we can influence each other through relationships. These techniques are thorough but can take a while to implement.
  • Yourself. The easiest way to influence others is through what we do. Focus on
    • What do you think – your beliefs, motivations and thoughts
    • What you do  your actions, habits and behaviors
    • What you say – your eloquence, the words you use and how you sound.

These areas are the easiest to control and can be upgraded when needed. They are also what other use when forming an opinion about you.

If you need to influence others when you speak, focus on yourself first. I am running a 1-day intensive workshop that will upgrade your skills when speaking. You can get all the details here.



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