In Defence of Jargon

Despite the bad wrap it gets, Jargon* is an essential part of the workplace. Without it communication would take far too long.

There are three objectives of Jargon:

Objective 1 – Define the tribe
Those who are part of the tribe understand the jargon. If your not part of the tribe you don’t need to understand the message. The converse of this is true too. If you don’t understand the jargon you’re not part of the tribe.

Objective 2 – Increase the speed
A good TLA^ will reduce the time to deliver your message. OH&S is much quicker and easier to say than Occupational Health and Safety.

Objective 3 – Deliver the message.
Every community and culture has a language that is unique to them. Its Jargon are the agreed words that community uses to share their message.

The problem with Jargon is usually found around the defining of who is in the tribe. Fix how you induct people into the tribe and you’ll fix the problem of jargon**.



*Jargon and Management speak are different things. Management speak are cliches and motherhood statements that sound impressive and don’t mean anything when examined. (e.g. we must be efficient and effective!) Management Speak is to be avoided at all times.

^TLA – Three letter acronym.

**I once worked for a government department who issued an edict that we were to eliminate jargon from the workplace. After trying for 30 minutes we gave up on it. It was just to hard to communicate.

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