Leadership Skills iLead – Personal Positioning – Breathing

Leadership Skills iLead – Personal Positioning – Breathing

When we look at our leaders we look for a number of signs so we can be reassured that they are a strong leader. The more of the signs we see, the more confident we are in following them.

One of the elements we look for is the physiology of the leader. I’ve put together a short video that will show you how to improve your physiology and appear as a more confident, competent and effective leader. It comes from the Personal Positioning module of the iLead program.

You can see the video by clicking on the image below.

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Transcription Leadership Skills iLead

Here is a technique on how you can position yourself as a leader. The right leadership skills allow you to control your physiology so people look at you and say, “This person’s in charge.”

How To Control Your Physiology

One of the modules in the iLead program on leadership skills is about positioning. How do you position yourself so others want to follow you? One of the ways you can do that is controlling your physiology – the way you react, the nervousness, the anxiety, the stress, and the confidence that you show.

One simple way to control your physiology is to take a deep breath. Now, what I want you to do is right now, take a deep breath – in. Now, where did your stomach go? Did your stomach come in or did your stomach go out? When I run this program right around Australia, every time I ask someone to take that deep breath, their stomach always comes in – which is crazy!

Proper Breathing: Stomach Out

Our lungs are not a muscle. Our lungs are organs. For them to move, they need to have the diaphragm below go down and out. Yet, when we breathe, we take in, lungs coming in, and up. What that does is that contracts the lungs – we can’t get as much air in, and therefore energy out. What that does is that speeds up our physiology. Increasing the physiology speeds up the psychology, and ruins the phraseology. So when you stand to speak, you can’t get the words out that you want.

iLead Leadership Skills Training

Part of the iLead program and this module on leadership, positioning, is how do you control your physiology under stressful situations: when you’re pitching to major customers, when you’re going for job interviews, or training your team. Because as an audience, we look to our leaders and expect them to have the leadership skills, the physiology and control that a strong leader has.

Pop in a comment on where your stomach went. Did it come in? Did it go out? And how do you find it different when you do take those deep breaths, and how does that build your energy?

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