This Is Why Your Audience Is Present

There are three reasons why your audience is present when you speak. Your audience are there because they either want to gain, comply or avoid.

  1. Those who are there looking to gain, are the customers who have asked you to sell to them. It might be your manager who has asked you to report or staff looking for direction.
  2. Those who are complying are present because it causes less grief to be present than to stay away. These are the people who have been told to attend.
  3. Those looking to avoid are present so they don’t have to be somewhere else. They want to avoid work and you are the perfect excuse.

This is how they will interact:

  • The ‘gaining’ audience will ask questions and interact for clarity.
  • The ‘avoiding’ audience will interact to prolong the experience.
  • It’s the ‘complying’ audience who does not want to be there who are the hardest to work with, and sell too.

By understanding what type of audience you have, will help you clarify how you pitch your message to them.

As always, I’d love your thoughts on this, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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