The Noble Prize for Science

One of my childhood hero’s was/is Dr. Karl (Kruszelnicki). He understands and can explain just about anything from microbial disorders through to problems with inter-planetary travel. When he can’t answer a question he openly says, ‘I don’t know!’

One of his mantras is, ‘The Nobel Prize for Science is not given out for the answers scientists give but for the questions they ask’. Knowing what question to ask and what ones to avoid changes everything. Asking the same old questions sends you down the same old path as every other scientist. Those who stand out ask different questions and get different answers.

In my program Better Positioning, Deeper Conversations, More Sales I will show you how to go beyond asking the normal basic questions that every sales person asks. I’ll show you how to dig deeper, challenge assumptions and uncover the issues that clients will buy on. When you can dig deeper in a different way you stand apart from your competition. This helps you offer greater value to your customer.

If you’d like to know how to ask better questions I’ll be focusing on it in the program Better Positioning, Deeper Conversations, More Sales. You can get all the details here.

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