Poor Comms Skills – Public Speaking

There are three areas of business where poor communication wastes resources. These are:

  1. Rework – Wasted effort.
  2. Silence – Wasted ideas.
  3. Speed – Wasted time.

Rework is caused by miscommunication – particularly in public speaking. It’s when I don’t explain myself clearly, or you misinterpret what I say. Rework corrects the mistake and wastes effort.

Silence wastes ideas when people don’t speak up. We’ve all seen team members who are silent in meetings despite having great ideas that can save or make the company money. Their ideas are valuable – but only when shared. These are the people who are afraid of public speaking.

(Lack of) Speed of understanding wastes time. Most meetings run for an hour because that is how long they are scheduled. When they are scheduled for shorter times they still achieve the same outcome. People are forced to order their thoughts and messages to get to the point more quickly. These are the people who love public speaking….(or more often just the sound of their own voice!)

Overcoming these issues is a matter of skill, awareness and permission. Skills to clarify the message, awareness to see what is going on when communicating and permission to try something different. Improving your public speaking will help immensely with this

If saving on wasted effort, wasted ideas and wasted time is important in your organisation, leave a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear about it.



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