Information is Power

Information is power. Sharing the right information, in the right way, at the right time, will make you a more influential person.

There are three types of information that can be shared with your audience.

    1. What you could say. This is everything you know about a particular topic. If you’ve been in your role for a number of years, you’ll have a number of years’ experience on what it is you could say.
    2. What you should say. Now, this is looking only at the information that your audience should hear. If you’ve been in your role for a number of years’ and you’re selling a product, you’ve got a couple of years worth of knowledge that you could share. The audience wants to know about the features-benefits, and that is what you should share with them. This is what your audience wants to know about so this is what you should share.
    3. What you shouldn’t say. If you’re selling a product, you shouldn’t talk about supply issues; you shouldn’t talk about office politics and you shouldn’t talk about the product manager and how you don’t like them.


While this all sounds very basic and obvious, it is something that people trip up on all of the time. The reason they trip up is because information is power. We like to show that we have power and the way we do this is by sharing information.

What happens if you’re not aware of what you could, should and shouldn’t say? You’ll end up talking about all three types of information. What happens then is, you begin sharing all sorts of information and then halfway through, you realise, “I shouldn’t be talking about this, and if I keep going, it’s going to be a disaster. But if I stop where I am right now, it’s going to draw attention to it and I’m going to look just as bad.”

Now, this problem affects people in areas of their life. Unless they are aware that there are different types of information, they will share information that they shouldn’t.

Be aware of the information you are sharing. By sharing the right information, in the right way, at the right time, you will become a more influential speaker.

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