Origins of Fear

Public speaking is a fear of many people. They let nervousness take control of their mind and body, and their message is lost. Knowing what is causing the fear is key to addressing it.

The three areas that cause nervousness are:

  • Self – the pressure we put on ourselves to perform
  • Situation – what is riding on the presentation
  • Someone else – the pressure your colleagues put on you to perform

Managing your nervousness is about managing different areas:

  • For the self, it’s about managing the physiology and psychology.
  • For the situation, it’s about managing expectations of yourself and others.
  • For the someone else, it’s about managing the relationship.

Identifying what is causing your nervousness is key to providing the right solution to the problem.

As always, I would love your thoughts on this, leave a comment below in the comments section.

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  • Bob SV

    Interesting ! In a lot of public speaking, your audience wants you to succeed, and will relax as long as you do. In a work situation, not everyone in your audience will be supportive, and Ifind that adds a lot of pressure.

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