The Spot Light of Your Message

Where you focus your message, you let people know how aware you are of other people’s perspectives.

When most people stand to speak, they speak from their own perspective, and they sell their message in terms of ‘what it means to them’, the person speaking. However, the audience only care about themselves. They will only take action in a way that’s going to improve their lives. If you want to be seen as an influential person, you need to structure your message in terms of what the benefit will be for your audience. In the world of sales, it’s known as the WIFM – what’s in it for me?

Next time you are speaking, assess your message to see what perspective it comes from:

  • For whom are you framing it?
  • Are you framing it in terms of “what I want to do, what I want to achieve?” (e.g. I’m just calling you to see if you have done….”).
  • Or, are you framing your message for your audience so it is all about them.

This is going to require some dynamic reflection. You will reflect on how you conducted yourself during your encounters with others (e.g. meetings, phone calls, presentations etc) after you have finished the conversation.

Ask yourself, was your conversation focused on you or was it focused on the person you were having a conversation with? This is a powerful technique that once you get control of it, and understand, you can apply it and structure your message so it fits your audience’s world very quickly. This will increase your influence.

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