Why Would They Listen?

Just because you’re the boss, the supplier or the paid consultant, it doesn’t mean your audience will listen to you. You have to give them a reason to listen.

My friend and Thought Leader Matt Church speaks about the three questions all audiences have at the start of any presentation. If you don’t answer these questions, the audience won’t listen.

  1. Why this? Why should I stop what I am focused on and pay attention to what you have to say?
  2. Why now? Why do I have to listen to this today? Can’t you come back next week?
  3. Why you? Why are you the person to be speaking to me about this?

Unfortunately, most people start with question number three; Why you? This is wrong, as most audiences don’t even know why they should be listening to you at all. As a result, they won’t hear the reason you give for being so awesome.

You see this a lot in sales situations where sales reps will tell you how good their company is before telling you why you would want to know that.

If you have any sales reps who call on you and tell you why they are awesome before explaining why you should care, please send me their details. If you have staff who do this, give me a call.

As always, would love your thoughts on this, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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