The Pitch – Education Trumps Everything

In most tender pitches, an average hopeful contractor stands before the decision makers and will do one of 2 things:

1. Re-present the highlights of their tender documents – as though the audience has not read them*
2. Go all salesy. They try and sell you the benefits of choosing them over anyone else.

Those that stand out take a different approach. They take an educational approach to their pitch. Instead of selling or repeating the tender documents they set out to educate their audience. They use an educational structure, educational techniques and deliver from an educational perspective.

This has 3 advantages:

1. They are not like everyone else
2. The audience doesn’t feel sold to
3. and it positions them as an authority in the partnership.

With your next pitch aim to educate and not to sell.



*The best example that you see of this is when you see the speaker introduce themselves to the audience – even when they have been speaking about the pitch for 12 months!

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