Three Causes of Boring Public Speaking

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The three causes of boring presentations

There are three main reasons why people give boring presentations or any form of public speaking. They are:

  1. No Systems – They have no systematised process for creating presentations to use when public speaking
  2. No processes – They lack a structured sequence for remembering their message
  3. Copy the Culture – They copy what everyone else does

Business operates successfully when there are systems to follow. With no system for presentations it’s inevitable that any public speaking will become waffly and off track.

The lack of processes for remembering what to say causes speakers put their notes on the slides and read them out – this makes for boring public speaking. Cultural norms cause us to copy this style of speaking and the process continues. This is neither engaging for the audience nor profitable for business. That’s not why we have meetings.

For thousands of years, people have come together to share ideas and listen to the tribal elders. This was the earliest form of public speaking. The aborigines called them corroborees and we called them town-hall meetings. It is a psychological need that drives us. When we come together we want a conversation that gives us direction. This is the sole job of the speaker.

Coming together lies at the heart of business presentations. When you speak to an audience is your opportunity to show that you are a leader – that you are the tribal elder.  We want to listen and be engaged in what you say.

Your ability to engage your audience is a measure of your ability to lead. The more you can lead, the more you can sell. It doesn’t matter if you are making a commercial transaction or an ideological sale. To do this well you need the systems, processes and culture to make it a success.

The Executive Speaking System is designed to give you and your team the systems, processes and culture to deliver engaging presentations. This will differentiate you in the market place and help you deliver your message.

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You can find more information about the Executive Speaking System here.

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